Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Radio, radio...

I don't really like talking to people via electronic means much these days. So much so that when my last cell phone died I have not bothered to replace it. I never bother to talk to anyone on my Globalstar Sat phone and so far I have survived!

"So It Goes" has a ICOM M600 which is now surplus to requirements as we only would use it to receive, and as it takes up space and is somewhat power hungry, we decided to replace it with a Sony ICF-SW7600GR which allows me to get weather and the various cruising nets on SSB. Since I seldom have anything to say to folks on air, there's no real need for anything more than a receive-only unit. Add the fact that it takes up almost no room and hardly any power, you can color me with the happy camper crayon.

The big question everyone asks is "But what about asking someone for help in an emergency?" and my answer is two fold... I'm much more of a fix it myself and self rescue than ask for help kind of guy. And in the event that I do need help severe enough (FUBAR) to ask for rescue I am most certainly not going to spend time futzing with an SSB!

As I mentioned in an earlier post the SPOT I have is a great way to call home when needed and let them know all is OK or Not OK or HELP! Add an EPIRB/PLB like the new McMurdo which is under $300 and you have a pretty bombproof system that costs less than the ICOM it is replacing.

Such is the state of electronic communication on "So It Goes" as we head off towards Bermuda...