Thursday, April 09, 2009

SPOT... I'm impressed!

Not being dumb, I took up the Spot folks on their recent free Spot offer. Our unit arrived yesterday and to tell you the truth, I am some kind of seriously impressed with the thing!

It's compact, waterproof and is a means of communicating in "I'm OK", "Not so hot" and "Really need HELP" modes. Very cool! It's too bad if you missed the free offer but they are still silly cheap. So if you want a SPOT, it won't break the bank!

While I should stress again that this is not an EPIRB but it does fulfill a certain need that has not been available without resorting to a serious investment in the likes of a Ham or SSB radio set up.

Speaking of SSB's... Anyone want to buy an Icom M600 and automatic Tuner?