Thursday, April 09, 2009

Quick notes... On the new Electric propulsion!

I've been sitting on writing about the new Electric propulsion system from Electric Yacht which is now installed in So It Goes as I have not yet been able to do proper sea trials for a variety of reasons... Mostly having to do with other projects and there not being enough hours in the day! For the moment lets just say the Electric yacht system really does rock. Installation is a breeze (and I hear that steps are in process to make it even easier...) and it is drop in in every sense of the word.

Another nice thing over the old system I had is right away you notice how much quieter the belt drive is over my old chain drive... I'm not knocking chain drive as it still makes a lot of sense for the guy doing a prototype or DIY system but silence is not something that can be underrated. The problem is that it is so quiet it took me awhile to realize it was actually on!

As I said more soon come on a more detailed discussion on the installation and the sea trial findings as soon as I have had a chance to up anchor, do them and see what the system delivers...

In the meantime Electric Yacht is having a sale through the end of April which you might want to check out!