Sunday, April 05, 2009

The short list revisited... 2

Truth be told the DIDI 38/40 fulfills the same requirements of a CAL 40... The CAL 40 is a boat that would, like the DIDI, be a great home for a couple. Being able to go anywhere in comfort, safety and not without being some kind of serious styler in the process!

Having a CAL 40 is not just having a great boat but a huge chunk of Yachting history as well. The CAL 40 is a classic of the first order. Lapworth certainly set the bar high!

Rebuilding and bringing a CAL 40 back up to brand new and cruise prepped would more than likely be a job akin to building a DIDI 38/40 from scratch. Something that should be factored into the pros and cons list...

That said the CAL 40 is one sweet ride!