Monday, November 16, 2009

Squalls and anchors...

About 3Am we had a ketch come in and anchor a bit close for comfort but OK... Just!

Of course, this morning we woke up to a deluge of wind and rain, a 180 degree wind shift and the smell of exhaust filling our cabin! What was a bit too close last night was now WAY too close and the ketch in question was now motoring in place about seven feet off our bow and apparently having trouble with their windlass and not able to get their anchor up.

We'd have upped our anchor except the ketch was in our way so I simply let out some more scope to give a bit of breathing room (literally, as the exhaust really was a serious problem).

The conundrum is that Long Bay is huge and I just don't get the reason people feel the need to clump up in an anchorage... When the wind shifts and shit hits the fan having a bit of sea-room is no bad thing. We tend to anchor as far as possible from other boats simply for the reason that we want that bit of room as insurance...

Luckily the ketch finally got its anchor up and moved off a safe distance but it was a near thing.