Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm lucky to be here... No Tasers needed!

It's been just over a year since being in the good old US of A though the USVI is not your standard US of A...

Not that I'm complaining, as so far it appears that the USVI is still free of the dread zombie holocaust and just the same old same crooked politicos and suchlike... But boy, it is getting seriously expensive here in America's paradise these days! For those looking to provision, St Martin is way better!

And speaking of zombie holocaust and piracy news, I find it just so much safer on a boat than say back stateside as every time I open my news feeds I find yet another case of cops tasering some guy in a wheelchair, old age pensioner, soccer mom's or today's treat a ten year old girl! Cruising down here in the Caribbean we never get attacked by old age pensioners, guys in wheelchairs, soccer mom's or unruly ten year old girls... Man, back home has become a seriously scary place!

But it does bring up the question on just how effective Tasers are on Zombies... Anyone in the know drop me a line!

The real news is there is a Lyle Hess design sporting a Freehand self steering gear that I must go look at closer and bring my tape measure while I'm at it!