Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things that go bump and a thought... Halloween.

Halloween has always been something of a special holiday for me... Part of the reason, I think, was the gateway effect of being the first of the whole string of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Xmas/Hanukkah/New Years... Of course, the fact that there was a whole lot of candy involved was key, but I think for the most part, is was the fact that all the TV stations ran a lot of old and not so great movies... I have always had a soft spot for Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein!

Living on a boat and sailing in the Caribbean brings another factor to Halloween these days for me it is the day that I breathe a long sigh of relief and know that while a hurricane is still a possible it is much less likely and that huge stress level gets clicked down to "2" from being at "9"... No bad thing!

Sadly the pervasive climate of fear somehow makes the whole Halloween thing something of a non starter these days for kids... Most of that fear being like the rest of the fear that is part and parcel of living in 2009... Bogus. We are all doing ourselves a disservice being afraid of boogie men that simply do not exist except to advance various folk's agendas... Fitting in a weird way that a holiday based on dealing with fear is being outlawed in places due to fear (and fear with no real basis).

So tonight I will make something special for dinner, listen to some tunes to get into the mood and get out a DVD of things that go bump in the night and be just that little bit sad that I am not someplace where the doorbell rings and kids come to trick or treat...

Buffy and Willow ready and waiting...