Friday, October 30, 2009

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse...part 2

Several Boat Bits readers more up on Zombie lore than I happen to be (one does wonder about these folks!) have recently pointed out the following...

1. While Zombies may not be able to swim they can walk on the bottom very easily and are more than able to climb anchor rode...

2. That certain Mega-silliness yacht owners display all sorts of Zombie attributes and that a weather eye should be cast in their direction... and do not the words Maltese Falcon and Zombie Mobile go together like soup and sandwich?

3. There is a good chance that Zombies may actually be able to sail and kick some serious ass in the process... It is a well known fact in certain sailing circles that the diet of some rock star sailors of the "They Think they are rock stars ilk" is... How shall we say it... "Questionable". So in might make sense to give boats involved with the likes of Dennis Connors and Peter Holmberg aboard a very wide berth!

4. Power boaters, in general, are all suspect being soulless creatures in any thinking persons book... Lucky for us they are all pretty much brainless as well!

Now, where is my machete?