Sunday, November 01, 2009

Another Bingham... another must have book!

Last week I mentioned Fred Bingham's book on boat joinery as being something of a must have. In all fairness I should also point out another must have from Fred's son Bruce... "The Sailor's Sketchbook".

While on the surface the Sketchbook is somewhat simple or simplistic but on boats true genius is all about making things simple as any fool can make things complicated!

You might also find a lot of the ideas presented in the book familiar as Bruce Bingham's work has been widely seen in various boat rags (Cruising World's Workbench column for instance) and his drawings have been in many books of the how too variety such as  "Spurr's Guide to Upgrading Your Cruising Sailboat"  Truth be told you will also find a lot of so called experts cribbing ideas from the sketchbook and passing them off as their own... Or maybe they call it an "Homage".

 For those not aware I should point out that Bruce Bingham is also the designer of the "Flicka" design which easily falls into my ten best sailboats ever designed list...