Monday, March 30, 2009

Surf city...

One of the things nice about traveling via sailboat is that it puts you close to a lot of surf action in out of the way places where you might have a break all to yourself... All day! In other words, Heaven!

The downside of course is that space is always at a premium on a sailboat and there is only so much space for surfboards and having a big quiver becomes problematic. Throw in the fact that I am a big guy and where to put the longboard gets way too interesting.

I've been hearing a lot of very positive buzz from various people in the Pacific about the Uli inflatable surfboards and standup boards. Problem is, they are far and few between in the Caribbean but I am hoping on getting my hands on one to test sooner or later. The 10' Longboard being the object of current desire and if anyone has personal experience with this board I'd love to hear from them! Of course I wish it were a single fin and a bit lighter but you can't have everything.