Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sure I'm in a good mood...

The election is just around the corner and I'll be seriously happy when the dog and pony show rolls out of town and we can get on with our lives...That said whoever wins should be held accountable for what they do and what they promised.

Since I'm in a pissy mood ( Presidential politics and having Hurricane Omar put my five foot draft boat in three feet of water kind of does that) I'm really getting tired of the term "Green"and a lot of the press releases that come across my desk regarding the boating biz use the term Green...So lets get this straight.

1. If your company pollutes you are not green.

2. Making a point of having holding tanks in the BVI and pumping said holding tanks into the Caribbean is not Green!

3. Its a really dumb time to promote power boats even if they are a little bit more fuel efficient...

4. Fiberglass is not a renewable resource and does not have a neutral carbon footprint...I'm not knocking GRP but get your facts right!

You might notice that I'm not giving any names but folks who do the bareboat ting won't have to think long to come up with a list of possible suspects...In the future I will be naming names and pointing fingers when they send the buzz word laden but empty BS press releases.

As long as I am in greenish rant mode I'd also like to point out that if some of the companies working on Electric and hybrid vehicles could put a lot less energy in cutting edge 150 MPH sports cars or Uber Electric SUV's to wow folks at car shows and that the same energy devoted to a simple vehicle that works well enough to get the great unwashed hordes to work and back again ( with a weekend trip to the mall) would be well on their way to success...Sure not as sexy as a 150 MPH Electric sports car with a price that only the super rich can afford but lets get some balance in the mix...

On the electric vehicle front there are going to be some BIG changes on So It Goes in the very near future...More soon come!!