Monday, June 30, 2008

Short list getting longer...

The other day I mentioned the ongoing short list of next boat designs to someone I know and his reaction on a couple of the boats is "You can't build a schooner!" and he had many and varied reasons (most based on misconceptions on the aero-hydrodynamics of sailboats and hearsay) but I have to tell you that telling me that I can't do something always has me wanting to do just that and schooners rock!

Lots of people like to tell you you can't do stuff!

Luckily a lot of people don't listen...I'm sure way back when there was a record exec who told Jimmy Buffet that he should quit singing about boats as their simply was no audience for songs abouts boat and beaches...I'm sure that record exec can't spell PARROTHEAD either.

... and speaking about boats and beaches last year we sailed over to Anguilla and as it happened Jimmy Buffet was there with the Coral Reefers and he was still singing about boats, beaches and suchlike. Doing a pretty good job of it as I recall. They filmed the concert and it is available on a DVD with two audio CD's of the concert thrown in as well ( talk about bang for the buck!) fun stuff and easily one of Mr Buffets best concerts to date!

Oh yeah...Schooners...Reuel Parker has a newish sharpie concept and it is interesting enough for me to buy the study plans and as they them!