Friday, June 27, 2008

...and a Trawler makes sense because?

I'm not sure why the trend a while back went toward power boats. I lost count of the number of sailing folk who seemed intent on trading in their finest kind sailboats for a fuel guzzling trawler...I never pressed them too hard for an answer as they always seemed a bit sheepish and I did not want to embarrass them but they usually mumbled something about...comfort.

I never got the appeal to be honest and the looming price increases for petroleum products on the horizon were there for all to see unless they had a seeing eye dog named "FIDO" but whatever the reason power boats were certainly in fashion.

But fashions do change ( remember Leisure suits?) but when Power boats were the cat's meow we were ripping out our internal combustion engine and replacing it with a home brew electric propulsion system that has purred right along for the last five (almost six) years but while we were doing it I'll admit to getting a whole lot of grief from fellow boaters on the idiocy of electric propulsion!

So nice to be right for a change!

Lectronic Latitude
from the good folks at Latitude 38 (our FAVORITE sailing rag!) in the current post has a short report on the price of fuel in Tahiti ,Turkey and other fuel related trends...Scary stuff!

Just for the record fuel here in the Caribbean as of yesterday when I gassed up the dinghy was $5.52 a gallon!