Monday, July 07, 2008

and not a cover band in sight...

It's way past time to be further south...Tropical storm Bertha is looking ripe to develop into one of those "H" things and I just realized I really need to sort out a few play lists for the sail down south ( a sailors work is never done!)

I've always been a fan of musicians covering other musicians music...So not surprising that my Ipod has a lot of covers. Covers are also a way to discover new music and artists as I find I am much more likely to find that I like a band if they have covered a song I like AND brought something interesting to the mix in the process. Luckily there are a bunch of people who blog that share my liking of cover and blog on the subject...You might want to check out Cover Freak, Cover Me , Cover Lay down , Fong Songs and Blowin' Your Cover which will get you started...and if you're lucky you might even find Billy Bragg covering "Tracks of my Tears" which will most likely be what I am listening to while we sail past Martinique.