Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The real deal

There is something very neat about getting up in the morning and being the only boat in an anchorage. Add the fact that with WIFI you can actually check your email and peruse some boat design issues while having your morning coffee and you have to admit that progress is a good thing...But too often progress is a very rare thing and much of the so called "Progress" is simply old tech dressed up as new tech but today I happened on the following tidbit and it is the real deal!

One of the sites that I find oh so interesting is Craft A Craft (thanks Navagear for turning me on to it ) as though he is something of a power person still shares many of my interests like alternative propulsion such as Electric drive and other stuff of boat building ilk of the sort of Bolger mindset...Lots of good stuff. ..For example this really knocked my socks off ...a link to a new type of wind generator YOWZA!!! Be still my foolish heart...More info can be found on

This is good stuff...Though the folks who make prop driven wind generators may not think so...