Monday, September 19, 2005


Way back when, I used to be really in to go-fast boats and have crewed and worked on various sleds and still entertain the Mini Transat as a possible mid-life crisis event... but by and large yachting media coverage is akin to watching paint dry and if I'm not actually on a boat it just not worth dealing with.... As someone who works in film production, it is difficult to understand just how you can take such a dynamic and ego charged sport and make it... well... boring!

One site I actually look at regularly for yacht racing content that is head and shoulders above the rest is Sailing Anarchy as they actually have a handle of what the big picture is and have the balls to actually call something a pig when it looks like a pig... Plus, they are entertaining so you gotta love these guys!

There was a recent ongoing interchange between Sailing Anarchy and a certain yacht designer that is the stuff of true drama (or at least high comedy) and however you cut it a whole lot more interesting than watching Imron dry... Check it out at