Saturday, July 01, 2006

Things have been crazy...

Sorry for the long hiatus... Various film projects, the charter business and trying to nail down a new boat to build has been the stuff of much strangeness and not a small amount of frustration!

"Let us consider that we are all partially insane. It will explain us to each other." - Mark Twain

True then and truer now... I most certainly qualify, as I work in film, live on a boat and, from time to time, build boats. Most of the people I work and hang out with no doubt qualify as well, though if you have been reading the news since the Bush Posse came on the scene, you will have to admit there is a whole new bottom line on the insanity thing. Boat building, sailing to nice beaches, and making films is starting to look a whole lot saner!

Some would say, "these folks are crazy!" In a time when people no longer build boats to sail in, and couples feel that they can not go cruising in a boat shorter than fifty feet or one that costs less than $500,000.00, here are people who are building and sailing tiny boats and apparently having a great time doing it. Even if you don't hanker to build and sail one of these micro cruisers there is a lot to be learned from people who do...

For those Bolgeristas, the photo was taken during the building of our first Loose Moose, Bolger's Jessie Cooper design, in a hanger at the Charles de Gaulle airport in France.