Monday, September 19, 2005


What's a poor boy going to do? So many boats and so little time... We seem to be in stasis on the new design for LM 4/4/4 and are currently wrestling with three radically different concepts, any of which would be an awesome boat! But it does underline the whole "there are many and varied ways to skin a cat" and "there is no one true path as far as boatbuilding or boat design goes" philosophies. And, any one who tells you there is, does not know very much about boats.

One of the designs on the short list is George Buehler's Melquiades which, as it happens, was also on the short list for Loose Moose 2. Its salty and with its ample cargo hold gives me a lot of space to store film gear, tools, and a couple of REAL bikes. It is hard comparing this boat to the other two, as one of the others is a ULDB, while the other is somewhere in between, but the fact is they all work, even though radically different. Our friends on Bonnie Lynn love their boat which is not too different and surprises everyone with its performance. They are doing a Atlantic circle in the not to far distant future and have some berths available for a few of the legs.

Bonnie Lynn Schooning!