Friday, August 13, 2021

A quick update in case you have not been paying attention, some bad news on the Covid front, and a different way of collecting hurricane data...

Today I was looking an interesting "cruiser/racer" trailerable trimaran and something bothered me. Actually, the thing is, I tend to get bothered whenever I look at most multihull designs because almost always there seems to be some contradictory logic involved in the mix.

The logic works something like this...

Multihulls are light (with the notable exception of condomarans) and since they're light they are faster than comparable monohulls. Now, admittedly, that's a gross over-simplification but it is mostly correct. 

With me so far? 

So, here's the question: Why does the 8.5 meter (27-feet and change) trimaran I'm looking at sport a working sail area of 59 square meters (635 sq feet)?

More on the subject soonish.

Listening to Rickie Lee Jones

So it goes...