Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thoughts on a drowned engine...

A great resource for highly evolved sailors, one of the single greatest mustaches in history, and, sure save a few bucks who needs earthquake detectors anyway?

Having just had a major storm pass over us, it was nice to see that "So It Goes" was mostly unscathed... but there is always something!

So, after picking up the extra anchors we had put out and suchlike we had some errands to run and jumped in the dinghy to do them only to find that the outboard was not starting.

Apparently, while we thought the dinghy had weathered the storm well, the outboard had spent some time underwater (my guess is the dinghy had flipped and then flipped back) because when I pulled the spark plug to check it, at least a cup of water poured out.

Have I ever mentioned I hate working on internal combustion engines?

Of course, fixing the engine is no big deal and, as anyone cruising the Caribbean will soon find out, bad fuel is such a common occurrence that pulling your carb and cleaning out the jets quickly becomes second nature after you have done it a few times...

Just another cruising skill.

Listening to Drive By Truckers

So it goes...