Thursday, July 28, 2011

More silly marine pricing...

Someone who shares my view on the great Whedon series "Firefly", one of the best Springsteen shows ever, and a big part of why things are so screwed up.

Meanwhile up Montauk way, a buddy who does charter points out...

"A couple weeks ago my starter quit; right in the middle of a charter too.
We short tacked in. Hoo ray for sailing!

A new starter from Westerbeke
$2200 (Not a typo)

From Torsen Marine?
$260, and they couldn't get it to me for a week.

From "Crank N Charger" in Georgia?
$95 with free shipping (but I paid them to FedEx it to me and that made about $150.)

I think what you get it if you buy it from Westerbeke is they paint it red."

What my friend does not understand is that extra $2000 is for red marine paint and if that makes sense to you, I still have a great deal on that steel tower in Paris I need to sell...

Listening to Redbone

So it goes...