Tuesday, June 07, 2011


What can I say? The world around us is going to hell in a jet propelled wicker basket and the apparent last line of defense of our so-called civilization are fools, incompetents, and people of limited vision with not a real backbone among the lot. Those few with even the hint of a spine seem busy shooting themselves in the foot (or sending nude photos to folks) that they hardly even count... We are so fucked!

It's raining here... again.

Hey a little rain is OK, but this is the sort of deluge that breeds boatbuilding projects in cubits, howling at the moon, over indulgence in demon rum, or worse. Not really the time to be writing the 999th installment of the Boat Bits Blog... Yet here I sit thumping on the keyboard while my god-forsaken-spawn-of-hell Lewmar hatches do what they do best (for those without up close and personal knowledge of Lewmar hatches that would be leaking).

It's kind of scary when you think about it that we are up to 999 posts... To tell the truth, I never thought Boat Bits would still be a going concern after 666. I've lost track of the numerous times I've decided to abandon the blog project only to reconsider because readers keep writing and saying that as weird as it might be from time to time, they find it helpful or even enjoyable, and as twisted and insane as my readers may be it certainly feels good to be needed...

So, what's in store for the next 1000-1999 posts?

Damned if I know, but I'm thinking it's not all going to be pretty... and yes dear readers, there will be zombies!

Listening to Dwight

So it goes...