Monday, September 06, 2010

A whole new world waiting in the wings... Big Storm Coming

Just about everyone I know is either nervous or in denial and those of us on boats are no exception. Of course, denial is a lot easier if you are anchored in some tropical postcard setting but even so it is difficult not to catch the whiff of panic mixed with full tilt insanity coming from the mainland.

A phrase heard far too often this time of year in the Caribbean, "Big storm coming", is something of a catchall phrase and can denote a real storm, an angry wife or a world spinning out of control and about to embark on a pinball course of unknown velocity... Yeah, in short, seriously scary shit.

Just between us, dear readers. I'm too old to want to deal with the upcoming clusterfuck waiting in the wings but the lure of denial just does not work (short of copious amounts of rum) and I find myself somewhat mesmerized by the unfolding slow motion train wreck of unchecked greed.

Such are the thoughts at anchor on Labor Day 2010...

Listening to Do You Want My Job by Little Village

So it goes...