Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some DIY goodness of the vacuum sort...

Small vacuum pumps have all sorts of handy uses aboard a boat. Anything from changing oil to molding composite bits for the mast using epoxy and carbon fiber... Like I said handy!

In looking for an affordable vacuum pump I recently came across a couple of cool DIY guides over at Instructables which have boat friendly written all over them.

Turning a manual bike pump into a vacuum pump makes all kinds of sense and I'm really surprised I had never thought of it but this one "make a manual vacuum pump for under $20 by converting a bicycle pump" just got added to my job jar!

Every time I visit the local Cost-U-Less I have found myself looking at the cheap 12 volt tire-inflators with thoughts of maybe it could be adapted into a mini hookah system for cleaning the bottom or some other semi-cunning plan... "convert a tire inflator-type air compressor into a vacuum pump" sure fits the bill... Does it not?