Monday, August 09, 2010

A great opportunity down there in OZ... Scrumble Project!

Most folks are pretty aware that I am a big fan of Bob Oram and his multihull designs. I can't think of a better example of seeing how one of his boats goes together than on the blog Scrumble Project which is a font of spot-on, how-to goodness with an emphasis in composite.

The Scrumble folk are looking for someone to give them a hand and learn by doing, in sort of a Boat Building 101...

"Want to understand how composites go together?
Want to spend a good length of time watching, listening, doing and learning?
This would not be formal, but you could learn hands on whilst assisting with a build.
We maybe would not provide you with all the knowledge needed, but we assure you that it would be a bloody good start. With the benefit of hind sight, I wish we had been given this opportunity when we started.

If you could give us time as our guest, you would gain knowledge, and we would gain assistance to complete our project. At this stage all aspects of the build may be dealt with, from basic structure, to surface finish and systems fit-out..."

Having built a bunch of boats myself, I know just how valuable this sort of experience can be for someone who wants to build their own boat. Nothing teaches you faster than a real project.