Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Resin infusion...

Right now I am in that pre-boatbuilding process of working out the battle plan for the next Loose Moose. One thing I have learned is that success in a boat building project is all about preparation and having ALL the details sorted out before you actually lay the keel.

Lots of prep also allows you to save lots of money and time (and we all know time IS money) in a project as well.

One of the areas I have been getting seriously into is the world of resin infusion. Not only is it a great way to build a boat and get the most out of materials, it allows home builders the ability to get a more tooled and professional finish. No bad thing when you think about it!

One of the blogs I read regularly is The Scrumble Project, an excellent account of building a Bob Oram catamaran. Always a good read, always interesting and cunning ways to build boats from people who know what they are doing. Case in point is a recent post on resin infusion which is useful whether you are building an Multihull or Monohull. Good stuff!