Tuesday, July 06, 2010

How things work... Sorta/kinda

I've always liked the whole Rube Goldberg breakdown of system to try and get a handle on just how stuff affects other stuff whether it is on a boat system (like self steering) or any system that is complicated... Because it gives you the BIG PICTURE!

Of late, it is a pretty safe bet that those running the show (well at least those who profess they are running the show) don't even have a hint of what the big picture is anymore whether it is global warming, immigration, apparently endless war, how to deal with oil spills, or economics... Can you spell FUBAR?

Sort of like the world being run by the Three Stooges!

Which is why I miss the cartoons and drawings of Reuben Goldberg as he always showed the big picture and brought a smile or two in the process... and face it, the folks running the show apparently need visual aids!

Maybe this one will help...