Monday, July 05, 2010

The 4th and broken crockery... I need a cannon and I need it NOW!

I thought I'd leave the July 4th posts to others less prone to going ballistic and frothing at the mouth. Besides, on s/v So It Goes there was needful stuff to do involving BBQ pork and yams that needing tending to...

Plus it was hard to write with the overlaying sound of Thomas Jefferson spinning like a top at the liberties being taken with his view of what liberty should have been. There was an excellent July 4th post that, while written by a Canadian, pretty much says it all and is well worth reading.

On the other hand, I really do feel the need to either rant or be proactive and get a cannon, as the July 4th parade through the anchorage of overpowered, penis-enhancing, wake makers out burning $500 bucks worth of gas for a few hours of pedal to the metal fun and frolic has not left me best pleased. Broken crockery and glassware on "So It Goes" does not as a general rule make this fellow a happy camper!

Of course, I really should take the long view and enjoy the fact that these boats in a few years will be rotting hulks as fuel will no longer be available for that sort of conspicuous waste and idiocy. Then again, there is a lot to be said for instant gratification in the guise of exploding cigarette boats and general mayhem that a cannon on the foredeck of "So It Goes" would provide...

Fun, as they say, for the whole family!