Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You have to admire this guy... Budget roller reefing set up

One of our regular readers Neil, sent this way cool link to a guy who built his own roller reefing system for less than $53...

YES, less than $53! More than likely it works just as well as one that costs ver $1000... Kinda makes you think!

The thing is, sailing is affordable as long as you don't spend silly money for stuff and are open to the odd bit of DIY. A lot of things (like roller reefing or watermakeres for example) are dead simple to build and cost pennies on the dollar if you build them from off the shelf stuff.

If more people took the DIY option companies would have to return to a sensible pricing structure and we'd all be better off. The main thing is to know there's always a creative affordable answer to those pesky boating budget problems!

By the way, this is such a great link we are sending Neil some Glowfast glow in the dark labels for his boat... Anyone else have any great DIY links to share?