Monday, March 01, 2010

Not your everyday nesting dinghy... YOWZA!

Benjy over at Wooden Widget  just dropped me a line about his new dinghy design...

Now, you may remember I was some kind of impressed with his little "Deckster" dinghy based on the Hobie Mirage drive, as well as his very neat and practical folding "Origami" dinghy. Being a Flicka guy, I guess, just makes Benjy want to come up with ever more cunning and clever dinghy solutions for the deck-space impaired!

The newbie design in the Wooden Widget stable, called the "Stasha", is all kinds of interesting as it takes off where Platt Monfort left off and becomes the lightest (at 22 pounds) nesting dinghy you are likely to find anywhere!

I mean does this seriously rock or what?