Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cheap night vision...

I have a project in mind of a boat video nature where some passage making will be filmed and the ability to do some night vision POV shots would be handy... Now most of the video gear I use is pro but every once in awhile consumer stuff makes all kinds of sense. Especially in this case where the camera needs to be disposable and I have to buy a bunch of them.

The Vivitar 510 while having some problems in image quality (by pro standards) and a non optical zoom which for my purposes makes it a single focal length camera but even so a camera like this is very cool! In fact, I can even make the lower resolution image quality work for me to achieve a neat look.

Since it only costs $50 or so I can put a couple of these cameras in interesting places like the end of the bowsprit or the top of the mast and just leave them there to be triggered when needful... And, since they are only about $50, I won't get too depressed when I destroy them!

Fun stuff!