Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some sad news...

I used to do a lot of racing and there was a time that the lure of the TransPac and suchlike seemed to be an important thing in my life.


The fact that a lot of what passes for yacht racing these days is simply rich men behaving badly took its toll. While I loved the sailing and the edge of racing, I simply could not take the abuse and mistreatment that being crew for most competitive yachts called for or deal with their owner's rock star, egg thin, fragile egos.

Life, as they say, is simply too short.

Of course, it did not have to be that way as there were a few owners and yachtsmen who did it all with style and grace... Guys like Roy Disney, who were the exception to the rule. Men you wanted to sail for.

Sadly, Roy Disney just passed away having lost his battle with cancer, and with his passing, a great part of the heart of yachting goes with him.