Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hatches and more hatches... A cool tool!

One of the hassles of designing a new rig for "So It Goes" is the fact that the masts will be in some other place and wreck no small havoc on the deck and interior...

The fact that in the not too far distant future I will be having to relocate some hatches and of all the changes the rig requires new hatches are something of an improvement as the current Lewmar's are pretty awful in that they don't really seal well and leak in even a light drizzle (much less a wave rolling over the deck) so new hatches are something of a silver lining to the whole mast fall down go boom/splash scenario!

So, while perusing crafty and ever more cunning plans to build new (if yet unlocated) hatches I noticed that there is a neat clamping jig by  Rockler that has personal stocking stuffer written all over it as four of these babies would be a great addition to my clamp bag !