Thursday, November 05, 2009

Forgive me if I have upset some readers... NOT

Oh...Boo Hoo! It seems I may have upset a couple of the Boat Bits readers of the power boating fraternity with yesterday's post... Shucky darn!

Now some have said that I have something of an anti-powerboat bias which is a canard of the first order! I actually like some sorts of power boats and it might surprise some, that for a short time, one of the boats on the next Loose Moose shortlist was... yes indeed... a power boat!

So why the attitude? I mean I actually LIKE power boats! Maybe it is something about the idiots who drive them then?

Can you spell w... a.... k... e?

I've lost count of the number of spilled cups of coffee, broken glassware and general mayhem caused on "So It Goes" by some guy with a power boat who uses the boats at anchor as his own personal slalom field (so as to better wake ALL the boats at anchor?) Oh and I am not just talking about the "short-penis-I'll-make-up-for-it-with-a-Donzi" club, as the worst offenders are those so called trawlers that waddle through making a truly evil wake...

Part of the problem is that power boaters in general have a look forward only mindset so they never realize that they are pulling a wake and the ensuing carnage it causes... So for some at least, it is simply that they don't have a clue! On the other hand, it has been my experience that more than their fair share do know exactly what their wakes do and they enjoy "kicking ass" with that devil may care elan that power boat folks are known for! EAT MY WAKE is such a clever bumper sticker is it not?

Luckily there actually is a good side to the whole Peak Oil thing and like mullet haircuts and polyester leisure suits, most power boats will be a historical oddity like the Hum Vee in the not so distant future!