Saturday, October 03, 2009

Open source and free Yago 31... Taking the high road in yacht design

A film maker friend and I have been discussing the relative merits and whatnot of things copyright and how difficult it is to make a living in a world where people can get your work for free by simply downloading it...

For certain, doing design and making films is a hard act at best and made a whole lot more difficult if a certain sector of folks feel that they can get what they want for free.

That said "free" does have its place and a very good use of it can be found in the Yago Project.

It used to be the way of the world that the way a new yacht designer would come to people's attention is for him/her to choose some designer and go all old west on him/her. In other words, calling them out in public and attacking their work so people will look at their's. While in my personal opinion this process sucks it has worked for many. I'll just say this... Guys who NEED to pull others down to raise themselves don't have much to offer.

The Yago 31 is a very neat steel origami design that is free from the Yago Project... It is a well thought out design and will get you where you want to go. It's cheap to build and again the plans are FREE. Which to my way of thinking is a much better way to promote yourself as a yacht designer than to say... Call out another designer, trash his work and behave like an asshole. Then again it works for some...

There is a Yago 36 which is not free but certainly affordable and has that little bit more elbow room to make paying for the plans not such a bad idea if you need that extra room.

Of course, I am not a steel guy, and more than likely my building a steel boat is as likely as my next vacation being X-Country skiing in Hades... but if I were going to be building an origami boat in steel, I most certainly would be building a Yago!