Friday, October 02, 2009

On kicking some serious butt with LED's...

One of the ongoing discussions that comes up far too often about boats and suchlike is the whole "guns and cruising" thing.

Just to make sure no one gets the wrong idea here... I think guns on boats is a seriously dumb idea!

But... There is a need to want to protect you and yours. It's primal and I understand  but I also realize having guns on board a boat is a recipe for making things worse, not better.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time and thought on various cunning and not-so-cunning plans to keep bad folks off the boat and to get the upper hand if they do. I should also be truthful and tell you that after all these years I have come up with pretty much zip. So I basically just work on the premise that I need to keep my ear to the ground and avoid places and situations where I might have a problem. So far so good!

But the idea of a non-lethal form of defense is no bad thing and I do keep my eyes open. Recently on one of my electronics geek reads, I came across a sorta/kinda neat project over at Adafruit... The Bedazzler!

Apparently the US Gov and Homeland security wanted to develop a non-lethal weapon that would make folks barf and otherwise spoil their day. They came up with a flashlight that apparently walked the talk and like everything from Government it cost some serious money but what is a million here or there if you have taxpayers footing the bill?

Anyway, clever techie folk realized that they could build the same thing for less than $250. Now I have no idea if it works but it is very cool and as I can think of any number of worse ways to spend time than an electronic project that might do double duty as a real interesting party game... I might even actually give it a try as if it does not work on the barf angle, it might make a very cool disco light!