Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On less being more... The tiny house movement

I'm not bragging but I am fairly good at seeing developing trends. If I have a problem it is that I tend to get on whatever wave I'm riding a little before it seems acceptable or doable in an easy fashion... Electric propulsion being a good example, We are maybe two or three years away from electric propulsion being fully accepted and the "Bee's knees", yet I have been doing the electric propulsion thing for nearly six years. Before that is was catamarans and ULDB sharpies...

Being a bit ahead of the crowd is not something I advise as a general rule as its stressful and breaking trail is never an easy thing, nor is being laughed at or ridiculed. That said, I would not have it any other way as I enjoy doing what seems right.

Another trend, already well entrenched, is the "Tiny House" movement, people building and living in little houses that are based on what they need, not what they want... For us boat folk, it is interesting to look on as the Tiny House brigade finds out what people on boats have known for ages. Which is not to say that these intrepid folk can not teach those of us on boats a thing or two. They are coming to the whole living in a tiny space from a new direction with fresh eyes and I expect to garner some great ideas from this direction.

For people living in little boxes, they as a group are surprisingly "out of the box"... A GOOD thing!

Cross fertilization is a needful thing and watching the Tiny House folk mine the small trailer tech is an interesting development as all of a sudden the tiny house blogs I read are looking at little teardrop trailers and VW vans. They are hungry for ideas, and truth be told, I don't even think they have reached the main course yet!

For those interested in the Tiny House thing a great place to get started is the Tiny House Blog