Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the costs of cruising... Sort of

One thing I keep hearing is that the associated costs of cruising keep going up and while you cannot argue that some costs are going up it is not as dark a picture as some would have you believe...

There are any number of ways to save money while sailing without cutting back on the quality of your life and lifestyle. it just takes some thought and industry!

The biggest change you can make in your outgoing expenses is to simply track what you are spending... After a couple months of WTF moments as you peruse what you spent and where the money goes it becomes easy to cut back.

Another way is to learn from others! A really good place to start would be the various blogs that are doing the eating on $30 a week thing...

Some time ago a friend pointed me to a blog called Running With Tweezers as they were in the process of doing a series on no small political import... Namely eating a diet that related to what a too large portion of the USA lives on (the average for people on public assistance spend between $21 and $24 a week on food)... Hence the Eat on $30 project.

It was a good series. So good in fact that many other bloggers are running with it as well and "Running With Tweezers" and numerous others are doing it again, read about it!