Monday, October 19, 2009

Fair is fair... More musical instruments for sailboats

It has been pointed out to me that not everyone plays guitar and that there are a surprising number of bass players out there! Funny thing, is that a straw poll shows a much higher number of bass players sail than in the normal population... One does wonder why!

I do feel their pain! Basses and bass guitars are just that little bit bigger so they don't quite fit...ANYWHERE! So unless you want to have a stand up bass in davits, well it does get somewhat problematic!

Guild guitars came out years ago with a very neat little "sort of" bass guitar, "sort of" standup affair called the Ashbory bass. It did not last too long as Guild was going through a bad patch and just did not do any serious promotion of what is a very neat instrument. Small, fretless with silicone rubber band strings and more akin to a stand-bass its toy like appearance made most people pass it by...

Guild wound up being acquired by mega guitar builder Fender who really did not seem to know what to do with a lot of the excellent electric guitars in the Guild catalog. So they more or less shuffled them into a side brand of the also acquired DeArmond name and apparently forgot about them (DeArmond being one of the all time great builders of pick ups). So you can still buy the Ashbory which is just about the perfect bass for a sailboat without resorting to davits!

Next we will look at the concept of Hammond B3's and pocket cruisers!