Monday, August 31, 2009

I want!!!

Having two battery banks (Propulsion and house) consisting of sixteen golf cart batteries I have quite an investment involved and it makes sense to keep them watered properly... Which is no easy job as access is somewhat problematic and problematic access means I may not do it as often as I should. I have good intentions but as they say the path to hell...

In the past I have seen a couple of auto filler systems for battery banks but the were kludgy and expensive as well as being less than boat friendly. Which is why I was so excited to see on Cool Tools the mention of the affordable Pro-Fill system by Flow-Rite who seem to have got it just right.

This system makes a lot of sense and makes topping up the batteries so easy with not related muss and fuss (what the hell is muss anyway?) that it solves all the hassle factor.

Which translates to longer battery life which means lowering the cost of operating an electric propulsion and onboard power system, which makes me one seriously happy camper!


One of the Boat Bits readers sent a note on the Pro-Fill system...

"I've got it, and it works exactly as advertised.
While my bank is much smaller than yours it is not in a location that invites maintenance, this system is great. It takes me about three minutes to insure that the electrolyte level is correct."