Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A really, really good film... "Morning Light"

I'm not a huge fan of sailing films... Which s sad really as I'd LOVE to see more films about one of my favorite things.

Most of the time films about sailing either focus on stuff I am not even remotely interested in or are so WRONG in the details of sailing I find myself wanting to write letters and rant... So it goes!

The film I have always held up as the benchmark of sailing films is "Pacific High: The Ensenada Yacht Race " made back in the late 70's... If you have not seen it do yourself a favor and check it out.

By the way a lot of people who know me are aware that my interest in yacht racing (rich men behaving badly) means that when I say a film about yacht racing is worth watching there is a lot of negative baggage to get past...

"Morning Light" which as it happens is produced by Roy Disney (who was also involved with "Pacific High") and in the world of yacht racing Roy Disney is one of the good guys and a gentleman of note. Not your screaming "ME,ME,ME!" jerk which is the norm in American yacht racing...

The Trans Pac is one of the great races and unlike so many it still has a touch of wonder that is missing in so many other races... Maybe it's special for me as I've crewed in a couple of Trans Pacs. Truth be told, there are only two races that I would even consider doing and the Trans Pac is certainly one of them!

I won't go into a spoiler fest but just point out that if you like sailing and expect more from a film about sailing to be just boats going fast and have a little heart, "Morning Light" is exactly what you want to see.