Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dodger... Day 4

Despite wind and rain squalls progress continues.

I hate this point of projects when they are ugly and waiting for sanding and the making pretty stages...

Being cheap I decided not to glass the bits that would be cut out for windows and here is just the first layer of bi-axial cloth which really stiffened up the structure. By the time we have the second layer of glass on the exterior and another on the inside this will be more than bombproof.

The next layer of glass is simply to make for a prettier finish...

For those asking about what it all costs... One sheet of 6mm plywood (and a bit extra I had laying around), two meters of Bi-Axial cloth, another two meters of six ounce finishing cloth, a bit of carbon fiber tape and one gallon of epoxy resin... More or less $200 so far! Plexi for the windows will add another $100 but when you consider what a normal dodger costs these days or the truly silly prices for a "hard" dodger, well a week of part time work and $300 seems like a real bargain!