Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shit happens...

It's not like the list of boat jobs on "So It Goes" is so short that I have to cast my nets to find yet more jobs to do but that is exactly what I seem to be doing these days...I need more cunning plans!

Of course a lot of this is simply avoidance...I really need to go out and find some schedule 40 pipe so I can install my new wind gen but the prospect of actually coming up with a final design to mount the whirlygig and find a clever (even cunning!) way of making sense of SatPhone hockey pucks, AIS antenna and other such ilk has me doing the "there must be some other job that needs my talents" two step...

... and just this morning while (well you really don't want to know) I decided what "So It Goes" really must have is a new toilet system so I can dispense with holding tank, thru hulls, pumps and other less than green plumbing systems.

If I were someone else and a whole lot brighter I'm sure I would buy one of the already built tried and tested composting toilets that are available for in and around $1000 but nope I am not that guy ( You can spell that CHEAP and DUMB)...The need to build it from scratch and make all my own mistakes appears to be a needful operation which I will cover here throughout the design and building process.

And who said boats were not FUN?