Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A rig of note...

Gary Hoyt is one of those guys that people love to talk trash about and then turn around and steal his ideas...A really bright man who does not suffer fools gladly. But then again we'd all be a whole lot better off if we did not suffer fools gladly!

Hoyt's new Hoyt Offset Rig is for all practical purposes a simple Balanced Lug rig with a bit of improvement and like all good improvements they are quite simple. Now whether the Balanced lug rig really needs much improvement is a question for later...But for now I can safely say that this rig makes a whole lot of sense and those who are sniping from the design sector could not find their ass with both hands, a map and a flashlight...This rig will work and makes a lot of sense.

Of course for it to actually do more than be a talking point some designers and brave souls are going to have to get with the program and put this rig through its paces by actually sailing with it up close and personal.

Any takers?