Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Shooting in the wet...

One of the big hassles of being on the water ( or under in some cases) and shooting film/video and suchlike is the vaporware of good underwater gear for film and photography. By the time that a company comes out with a decent underwater housing for a camera and works out the bugs the camera in question is more than likely old news and everyone want you to be using the new flavor of the month.

My day to day still camera is the tried and true Nikon D200 but while I have been waiting for the various housing people to come up with a trouble free housing for it already I am feeling market pressure telling me I should be upgrading to the D300...So it goes!

So I am more of the wait and let other people have problems with housings while I shoot with my Motor Marine 35MM cameras which are sort of a Sea and Sea spin off on the Nikonos.

What has bothered me for sometime is the fact that no one was making a version of the Nikonos in a Digital format still camera...as most of what has been out there has been of the point and shoot camera sort of thing.

Recently Sea and Sea has pretty much come up with exactly what I have been waiting for the Sea and Sea DX-1G which is a small housing around a 10 mega pixel camera. The same sort of accessories as used with the workhorse Motor Marines which is nice as it allows you to change lenses underwater. There is alos a lot to be said for a smaller camera package as half the time when I go diving if the gear it too much of hassle I leave it behind...Small is good!

Best of all the whole system costs less than just the housing for my Nikon D200...