Thursday, July 31, 2008

Still having fun...

Living on a boat there is never any shortage of projects that cry out to be done and no doubt if I were a better person the new galley mods and the addition of a better stove would be high on my list things to do ASAP.

But as my high school counselor often remarked " You'll never get anywhere doing stuff you like and until you figure that life is not supposed to be fun you'll be a loser " While I never agreed with his views as a good little product of my time I nodded and then cut classes to go surfing....So it goes.

Well luckily I have never subscribed that life is not supposed to be fun and brothers and sisters the galley makeover is just not fun...

So why not a surf project?

Actually I have been looking at building a couple of new surfboards but the sad state of affairs left over from the demise of Clark Foam has left the cost of surfboard blanks very pricey and the new higher shipping rates for over sized stuff akin to highway robbery...Whats a poor boy to do?


Yeah...a surf kayak has FUN written all over it! Not to mention it is way cheaper than a surfboard with blanks costing what they do these days so what better way to avoid taking out the old galley and just maybe I'll even figure out a way to redo the galley ( which is actually the unfun part as I don't have a clue how to get the galley I want in the space I have but it will sort itself out) while I'm building the kayak...Stranger things have happened!