Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday is Music day...

I was first introduced to the Pousette-Dart Band during the aftermath party of teaching a Telemark skiing workshop a whole bunch of years ago in Stowe Vermont and while most of that party remains hazy the two things I remember thinking the next day was

1. Never ever drink Schnapps again.


2. Figure out how this Jon Pousette-Dart dude plays the guitar so well and steal his secrets!

Jon Pousette Dart is one of those people I'd like to hate...He is just way too talented and everything he does has a way of having that "it's easy" natural thing that belies just how intricate his work is. I've got a lot of his music on my various sailing and traveling play lists though to be honest every time I play "Amnesia" there is a certain whiff of peppermint that gives me pause...

He is one of those guys who just keeps doing it and still getting better...Like I said the sort of guy you'd like to hate.

The Best of Pousette-Dart Band

On the cover front one of our favorite cover blogs has the entire Bruce Springsteen album "Born in the USA" in covers which very cool. You really have to take a listen to the cover of the title track by Richard Shindell as it adds a whole different take on the song...Check it out on Cover Me.