Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cooking in a closet...

A lot of people think that food on boats is akin to camping or something pretty dire and while I realize that the whole cooking in a galley the size of a small closet may not be to everyone's tastes but most people who cruise and live on boats are pretty serious foodies... They have to be.

Part of the reason of course is there are not a lot of great places to eat in the various Paradises we cruise in...Face it once you've had seriously funky over priced Conch fritters a few times in various beach bars you realize pretty quickly that if you are going to eat well in Paradise you will have to spend some serious cash or do it yourself.... Being cruising folks the DIY approach more often than not is the Menu Du Jour.

Not that there are not some excellent affordable little places in paradise but they are far and few between and seem to have the life span of a shooting star.

Cooking on a boat is hardly so difficult these days as boats have all the essentials and what a modern galley might lack in size it more than makes up for in efficiency. These days as I plan to build a new galley ( kitchen for you lubberly folk) into "So It Goes". I have been spending a lot of time working out just how much galley I can cram into the available space... But more on that later!

For the moment I'd like to just point you at a really wonderful blog on food which has me making all sorts of notes and bookmarking various recipes to try... Homesick Texan