Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another good blog with some excellent thoughts on plywood...

Scott over at Scott's Boat Pages has some interesting things to say about plywood and non marine materials. Take some time and peruse his whole site as there is a lot of very worthwhile stuff there..Check it out!!

I have to admit that I am less impressed by "Marine" materials as a lot of what is available is pretty poor. That said I am not a big fan of Exterior plywood either which I guess is a way of saying that you just have to look at the materials and base your decision on what you see rather than any labels...Just for the record having built more than a few plywood boats (Tiki 31 and two Bolger Sharpies) over the years and been able to see how they stand up to hard usage good exterior can be much better than not so great marine...If you find yourself in a place that has CTBX ( a French grade) plywood give it a look as my experience has been that I have never come across any CTBX that is not right up there with the best marine (I'd guess just maybe as most of the CTBX I have used has been from companies that also make the top end marine ply).