Monday, September 19, 2005


As it just seemed silly to be pulling around a 14-foot RIB with a 30HP for passages lasting more than an hour or two, it seemed like a new dinghy was in the cards. Choosing of which has taken me much longer than the building process.

In the past, I cruised quite happily on the various Loose Moose's with Bolger's Tortoise design which performed well... though did make for some comment! Being that we would be seeing clients on occasion, we decided finally on one of Phil's older designs, the Elegant Punt, which I adapted to build using the stitch and glue method. It should be a very good load carrier, row well, putter around OK with the 3HP outboard I happen to have laying around, and is more stable than the Nymph, which was a factor as we dive from the dinghy so being able to get in from the water was a major factor. Plus, it more or less fits on deck so for longer passages we don't have to tow it!

Its actually a pretty nice looking boat!

More after I launch it next week....

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